Creating your own EXPERIENCE

While distraction can be a very effective method in which to escape ones negative emotions, (negative emotions that are brought forward by thinking thoughts regarding one’s own problems.) Distraction itself can become the cause of procrastination toward finding solution and procrastination in most cases ONLY leads towards having to endure unresolved negative emotions/entanglements as most negative emotions require solution to enable one to “let go” of the thoughts through thinking that binds one to the negative entanglements of ones personal life.

A negative emotion requires NEW THINKING to change the current emotion felt as it is the thinking of thoughts alone that determines what emotion is felt at the very moment of having the thought. Distraction is a form of compensation and if repeated or practiced it become an addiction within the mind; for in truth it does offer one the illusion of feeling better for a period of time while also in truth offers very little toward the outcome of reaching for solution as solution requires thought and distraction shifts thought away from resolution towards problem. Many do not understand that solution with the aim of resolution is not found by giving thought to problem as when one is focused on problem then one is just constantly looking at information that clearly brings forward more negative emotions. Solution is found by looking at solution and solution is focusing ON WHAT THE PREFERENCE IS and not the problem itself even though problem was the reason behind the need to find resolution.

Think of it this way; Problem is about the past and “preference” is much more about one’s future experiences than it is about one’s past experiences. Distraction is avoiding the NOW MOMENT and it is ONLY in the “now moment” that one paves a way for the NEXT MOMENT to come. Procrastination is the result from distraction and distraction becomes the compensating action that creates the “lag time” between each NEW now moment. Preference is intention and intention leads one by way of focused attention towards the preference rather than the past. Past offers only a reflection and the reflection houses wisdom, the wisdom to KNOW what is that one likes or dislikes or what one wants to include or exclude from future experiences. It is when you begin to understand this that you will come to understand why so many are caught up in addiction repeating a cycle of unwanted occurrences while constantly entertaining thoughts regarding the problems that cause them to want to escape their reality while living life. You will also begin to understand why resolution seems so out of reach as the practiced behaviors is far easier to reach than the simple ability to shift one’s thinking.

The Law of Attraction is the most powerful of laws and it is through thoughts that one reaches the emotions/vibration that in return activate the Law of Attraction to bring forward the likeness of those thoughts towards the individual that is giving thought by way of free willed thinking. Yet whilst the Law of attraction is indeed the most powerful law of all, it cannot work without YOUR cooperation as it is YOU who control the Law of Receiving and the Law of Receiving is YOUR ALIGNMENT with your own thoughts which become emotions which are vibrations and it is those vibrations that the Law of Attraction RESPOND TO bringing to you what you are aligning yourself with through thought. The Law of Receiving is YOUR LAW to wield, as it is YOUR THOUGHTS by way of free will that becomes emotions. Emotions are secondary to thoughts as once a thought is present within your mind, an emotional reading is given/added to THAT FIELD OF THINKING and once YOU are aware, meaning you FEEL the emotion, then you KNOW that the Law of Attraction has indeed felt the SAME VIBRATION and IS responding.

Your feelings are indicators alerting you to the path you are forming and the path you are forming is controlled by the thoughts you are thinking. You are the creator of YOUR PATH and each NOW MOMENT is subject to the thoughts you had within each past moment. This is why it is up to you whether you choose to bring a problem you have into the next now moment and why WE encourage you to leave the past behind by rather using the past as a reflection towards the NEW INTENTION you are able to generate through thought in the now moment bleeding into the NEXT moment. Nature uses these same laws and even though you are not aware of the thoughts that nature emits, you can without doubt FEEL the “well being” that nature is operating from. Nature uses the premise of WELL BEING as it is being well and expanding that all nature operates from. Nature is vibrational in its communication toward the universal laws and the universal laws respond only to vibration creating the balance required to EXPAND as creators. Everything expands to become more, just as everything evolves to adjust within the expansion required in order to reach the desired outcome of flowing within a universal flow of being well.

Well-being is where ALL comes from and is the place at which all desire to return to. Behind closed curtains you are often subject to the creations of human kind and within nature you are more subject to the well-being that is so apparent within your feelings while in that field. One does not need to go into nature to feel well-being as one is capable of reaching that same field by looking toward better feeling thoughts. One does not need to escape as one has the ability to use each universal law to affect each next moment felt or experienced. Just as a soft plant has the ability to crack through a concrete road, so too do YOU have the ability to rise above problem as problem (regarding past) always offers a contrast in which to refine ones preferences. Better feeling thoughts are always placed by you for you and it is YOU ALONE who chooses whether to reach for the better feeling though or remain with what one already knows or feels.

Most living life find it difficult to reach for better feeling thoughts because they choose to remain with the fear filled thoughts regarding problem and problem was as we mentioned before the result of PAST ATTRACTIONS. The NOW MOMENT is the ONLY field that CAN BE CHANGED by introducing preference and preference is an individuals choice, it is in other words the UNKNOWN result YOU SEEK regarding the result of what YOU would PREFER. So few place preference as so many are caught up with “what was,” blaming the past for the way one feels in the NOW fearing the next reality to come while entertaining the fear filled thoughts apposed to introducing better feeling thoughts toward new creation. Fear that all to familiar field binds one to the limitations of that thinking taking from one the energy required to uplift even the smallest shifting of ones capability to think. Thinking is a gift as it is through that mechanism that one gets to shift thoughts, thoughts that if held long enough will introduce better feeling emotions regarding the new thoughts achieved.

Cellular energy is dependent on thinking as the energy to rise up or feel paralyzed is dependent on the thoughts one thinks. In each block of thoughts WE offer you here, you get to see that it is ALWAYS YOU WHO DECIDES as it is YOU who came forward to live this physical life and it is YOU who get to choose the path forward. YOU ARE powerful creator. YOU ARE using the universal laws whether you are aware of it or not. YOU CAN change any circumstance thorough thought and YOU CAN reintroduce the energy required to MOVE FORWARD by simply forming a better way to think about your problems instead of just viewing them from a field of FEAR.


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