Program Costs

Airport Transfer Available – Oliver Tambo International Airport / Lanseria Airport
3 Day: Psycho-Spiritual Journey. Re-Set – the full flood dose ibogaine experience, excludes psychotherapy
5 Day: Addiction, Depression, Anxiety, Meds – includes a full psychological evaluation and feedback, psychotherapy, vision board, excursion to the wildlife sanctuary
6 Day : We do a double ibogaine treatment, Monday and Thursday nights, all activities of Day 5 included
6 Day: Heroin/Opiate Treatment -or Complex Depression Cases
Please complete our online application form for a quotation.
How it works:
* Please ensure we receive your medical tests prior to book-in day. We require a liver & kidney function blood tests results as well as a Heart Stress ECG prior to your arrival.
* Arrivals are from 11:00 am on a Monday – emergencies are reviewed for other intake days.
+ No eating after 12h00 on treatment day please.
* Treatment starts at 6:30 pm on a Monday night, we meet and greet and settle you in at 4:00 pm, we do a psychological evaluation and prep for treatment.
* Dosing is done gradually on the hour based on your bodyweight.
* The onsite doctor and nurses monitor your vitals every 30 mins throughout the treatment.
* Treatment commences through Monday night, Ibogaine is a strong stimulant and the physical journey is up to 36 hour, the initiul visionary phase lasts up to 6-8 hours. Which is followed by the cognitive & introspection phases which will last until sunrise.
* Tuesday is REFLECTION & INTEGRATION DAY and still part of the 36 hours of the Ibogaine still actively detoxing your system.
* Tuesday-Wednesday Recovery period- we show you some documentaries on plant medicines and other interesting, useful videos, psychotherapy.
* Thursday: Vision Board Creation, Psychotherapy.
* Friday: Psychotherapy, integration of your experience and closing off.
* Saturday: Psychotherapy, Good Byes.
* We do 2-3 follow up sessions which is included in the program.
* We stay in touch with our patients and have quarterly get-together gatherings, please like our Facebook for updates.
Our setting is a secluded, beautiful retreat-style house surrounded by nature. We generally only have 4-8 persons in our program at one time as it is tailored to meet high standards of privacy and individualized, focused and compassionate support. Our budget is as cost effective as we can make it. It includes ibogaine, facility rental (in a secluded, peaceful retreat-style setting), screening, medical monitoring, staffing 24 hrs/day, equipment costs, medical supplies, quality food & supplements, relapse prevention counseling, massage therapy, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, group therapy, life skills lectures, and motivational lectures.

A personal note from Anso Taljaard, our Clinical Psychologist and Programme Director:

A most effective, albeit controversial treatment is available for addiction and depression.
In my professional career as a Clinical Psychologist, spanning some 25 years, I have encountered a variety of challenges and problems- spurring on the quest for solutions, and a growing working knowledge of treatment options. Informal, and formal research led me to discover the potential of certain so-called enthoegens and other psychedelic substances as alternative treatment that rendered success rates far exceeding anything known to me, at the time and still today.
The iboga plant from West Africa, is most effective in treating addiction to all substances, including heroin, cocaine and crystal meth, as well as a variety of conditions such as depression.
Ibogaine has recently increasingly been recognized as an effective addiction treatment, boasting in access of 75% success rate, as opposed to the 2% success obtained through conventional rehabilitation methods. Off course the ibogaine needs to be part of a program (5 days), but will eliminate withdrawals and cravings immediately. No need for months of months of suffering that ultimately causes most addicts to relapse.
Iboga however has a much wider scope of application, than what it is being credited with. Facliitating a complete ‘reset’ of neurotransmitters, iboga/ibogaine has proven very effective in treating a variety of physical and psychological conditions also. A once off treatment, followed by a booster some moths later, if needed not only provides a cost effective treatment for depression, but also one without the long term side effects of conventional antidepressants that can impact greatly on one’s quality of life. Treatment with iboga is subject to proper screening for safety and suitability of the treatment for the patient.
Ibogaine is not promoted by the health care industry, as it is not a lucrative option . If you or a loved one however suffer from a substance dependence, or physical or psychological condition, do your own research into the amazing healing qualities of iboga/ibogaine. It can dramatically change your life!

Iboga is a superior plant with magical properties!

Anso Taljaard

Programme Director: Magalies Wellness Centre

(MA) – (Clinical Psychologist) 1995 – and Registered Hypnotherapist, Registered Natural Healer with the African National Healers Association – 2016.

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2. Screening and Indemnity Form

Ibogaine compared to other addiction treatment drugs           brain-pathway-affect-regulation

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