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We offer treatments that are grounded in the science of the healing arts.

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It’s an incredible experience that will help you work through your deepest thoughts and help you find solutions.

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We are here to help if you need it.

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Simply put, Ibogaine is not a cure for addiction, but it will give you the tools you need to help you get through it.

Our Vision

At Magalies Wellness Centre, we offer integrative treatments aimed at whole-person healing

We work with the sacred West African plant medicine Iboga. We primarily use it for the treatment of substance abuse, depression, anxiety and trauma. Ibogaine provides a chemical reset for the brain, restoring the mind and body to its natural state. It also enables profound psychological and spiritual insight that brings about meaningful change. While the mind is expanded by the experience, Ibogaine heals a variety of physical and emotional ailments. ​It also provides motivation and energy. ​The only remaining ingredient to ensure lasting positive change, is you.

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We offer various treatment programmes for substance use and psychological disorders, as well as for people seeking spiritual growth.

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Its important to prepare for treatment. Speak to our friendly staff to find out more.

Once in a Lifetime Experience

The Bwiti of Gabon use this medicine as a rite of passage. We honour the spirit of that tradition by changing lives.


The Latest News & Updates

Lost and Found

A plant native to Gabon long used for healing and in traditional initiation ceremonies helps trauma victims and drug addicts come to terms with their demons. Download full article here

European Ibogaine Forum 2019

"The 2019 European Ibogaine Forum was hosted in Tbilisi, Georgia, in December 2019. The conference was host to academics, professionals, students and media interested in the development of ibogaine as a viable treatment for substance use disorders, psychological...

Ibogaine Masterclass 19 – 20 February 2021

Our Managing Partner, Martie Underwood, had an opportunity to present her latest research findings on the Ibogaine state of consciousness at the Ibogaine Conference presented by Microdose and Universal Ibogaine on 19 and 20 February 2021.​ The event was host to an...

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