European Ibogaine Forum 2022

Martie Underwood was invited back to the European Ibogaine Forum which was held from 8 – 10 September 2022 in Amsterdam. She presented her findings on the ibogaine state of consciousness, new research she is embarking on regarding ibogaine and the narrative-self, and her ideas around psychological integration for ibogaine treatment.

The conference was also host to many veterans of the ibogaine community including Dana Beal, Boaz Wachtel, Norma Lotsof and other influential academics and practitioners. Peak Experiences Conference

In March 2022, Martie Underwood presented at the Peak Experiences Conference, presented by Her presentation focused on peak experiences from a Transpersonal Psychology perspective, and she discussed the differences between peak experiences, plateau experiences and flow states. Other speakers included a variety of seekers and experts from the entheogenic community.

European Ibogaine Forum 2021

european ibogaine forum 2021

Martie Underwood also presented her findings on the Ibogaine state of
consciousness at the European Ibogaine Forum in December 2021, an online
event. The conference was host to influential speakers from the Ibogaine
community to discuss the latest developments and advancements in Ibogaine

Ibogaine Masterclass 19 – 20 February 2021

Martie Underwood presented her latest research findings on the Ibogaine state of consciousness at the Ibogaine Conference hosted by Microdose and Universal Ibogaine on 19 and 20 February 2021. The event was host to an impressive number of high-calibre academic experts, international ibogaine practitioners, activists and indigenous leaders. It’s an incredible time to be involved in ibogaine, and to witness it gaining momentum as an effective and viable alternative treatment option. ​

European Ibogaine Forum 2019

The 2019 European Ibogaine Forum was hosted in Tbilisi, Georgia, in December 2019. The conference was host to academics, professionals, students and media interested in the development of ibogaine as a viable treatment for substance use disorders, psychological disorders, and certain neurological conditions. Topics covered a wide variety of aspects associated with ibogaine including the mechanisms of action from a pharmacological and pharmacokinetic perspective, as well as the psychological and cultural aspects associated with the ibogaine journey. Martie Underwood, who is one of our managing partners and a PhD student in Psychology, is investigating the Ibogaine state of consciousness as part of her study. Martie was invited to speak at the 2019 European Ibogaine Forum on the ibogaine state of consciousness to contribute to what we know of the healing potential of the ibogaine journey and to learn from other conference speakers and participants.

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