I hereby write this testimony for anyone fearing /being petrified of the beautiful, magical plant ibogaine.
Upon my 6-month research of whether I wanted to do ibogaine/not, I went ahead. I was petrified of trying it. Google is pure evil. Of course, nobody wants anyone to know about this ‘magical’ cure, as then the rehabs, and big PHARMA lose.

Rehabs are not the answer, neither shrinks. THEY don’t address your inner pain, inner issues, things u didn’t even know were bothering u. Ibogaine is one million psychotherapy sessions in one treatment. There is no such treatment out there with these healing qualities.

Whilst it didn’t eradicate my physical pain, it was able to go into my inner traumas, all the way from childhood, during visualisations, you have flashbacks of traumas, but everyone’s experience is unique and different, and u can also flash past them, if u don’t want to go back into it. The subconscious is able to work together with the conscious, and after treatment, what u visualise, will all make sense, you’ll come to realisations. You’ll know what was bothering u/what u were taking, and what those things were doing to you and your body.

I had bladder removal 3 years ago, for ic, and became dependant on opiates, oxynorm, durogesic, u name it, to numb the pain. After seeing what it was doing to me, ill never touch an oxy in my life…I do believe i’ll find a solution to my pain.

Ibogaine goes over and beyond what u need. If u depressed, addicted or have chronic illnesses, anxious, I’d suggest doing ibogaine. I actually feel everyone should do ibogaine, as you may just find that inner peace u were searching for.
I feel like i’ve come out of a 5 year coma. I feel alive, energy, and ready to take on any challenge life gives me.

Magalies is professional, and when doing this, you want to be in capable hands. They have a GP, nurse and experienced facilitators, as well as emergency equipment. They have positive energy, and make sure you are taken care of. The GP checks your heart, bloods to make sure u can have treatment. You consent to each iboga capsule during your treatment, so if u don’t want more, they don’t give. They have cameras, check your vitals every half an hour and make sure you are safe at all times, as well as comfortable.
I strongly recommend their ibogaine centre. Ibogaine is a pure miracle. I thought it was ‘too good to be true’, but it is no lie, and not short of a miracle plant.