Hi there, names will come later, for now call me Mr. Ex-Heroin Addict…

I have been struggling with Heroin-addiction on and off over the last 20 years.

So who am I? I am you who like to drink a few beers after work. I am the Doctor you go see when you’re feeling ill. I am the Lawyer you visit for legal problems. I am the neighbor. I am your child. I am your child’s teacher. I am your friend. I am the person in traffic next to you.

I am anybody and I am everybody.

Don’t be so quick to judge – instead of having a few beers at the end of the day like you, I preferred drugs. Why? Because they were great. It made me feel like my mind expanded and I could see another layer to life that alcohol just never gave me. It made me be able to cope with an otherwise bleak and hopeless world.

Make no mistake, as much fun as all of it was, getting addicted was never part of my plan. Of anybody’s plan. Believe me, it’s not the type of thing you go out and do on purpose. Unfortunately, one morning you wake up in the worst physical pain of your life, not understanding what’s wrong with you.

Welcome to heroin-addiction your poor bastard. And it doesn’t take months, it takes weeks. Understand that from this point forward none of us want to continue to live like this. Society and the medical community is just not very helpful to us that they consider as junkie scum.

Even if you do go to a rehab of some sort and get your ‘prison education’ in there about drug use, all they typically do is move you to methadone-based medicines that is even MORE addictive, expensive and more difficult to get out of your system than actual Heroin is. So really it helps nothing, from one dependency to the next.

Attempting detox alone…lol….so many attempts, so many failures. You see the thing with Heroin is not just the psychological cravings and so forth that you need to overcome. That would have been easy. The real kicker is the physical – for at least the first week you are in so much pain you start begging God to just kill you. However, such mercies are not forthcoming, God must’ve taken the week off. You can’t eat, you throw up constantly, you are in pain, bugs are crawling under your skin and in general you just feel like you are going mad! Believe me when I say that crawling through hell would be less painful. Some make it 6 hours, some make it 3 days, but irrespective of that, somewhere you fold and run to your dealer just to make the pain go away.

The result of this is no friends, no life, no happiness, no family. And you feel utterly desperate and without hope – you don’t know how to get through this invisible prison of Heroin that keeps you locked up close to your dealer, while he keeps the keys to your bank account.

One day a miracle happens; my parents tell me about a place that could help. Word of mouth is how they found out about it.

At Magalies Wellness Centre they offer a new treatment option for basically anything from cigarettes to Heroin addiction. I jumped at the chance to go for the Ibogaine treatment for 5 days. The marketing says no withdrawals, no pain, 5 days and Heroin is a thing of the past. Now that’s kind of hard to ignore and hard to believe at the same time.

Arriving on the Monday, medical tests in hand to make sure I can handle the treatment, I checked in. Safety is the number one priority for them to make sure that you experience no complications during your treatment. Treatment started the Monday evening with a test dose of Ibogaine, a visit from the doctor and from there I received the rest of my dose over the next few hours. By Wednesday night I could start getting up again, not having had any Heroin in days and feeling no pain.

I would lie if I said I wasn’t STILL skeptical, but that’s just because I fear Heroine-withdrawals so much. Only by the Thursday, still not feeling any withdrawal symptoms at all, did I slowly start to relax and realize the biggest nightmare of my life is over, with no pain!

I have to mention that in no other treatment facility have I ever been looked after so well! During treatment you are under constant observation, vitals taken every half hour. The staff there is just awesome in one word! They are all truly passionate about what they do and helping people like me. Anso, Marie, Lou-Anne and so many more staff that deserve special mention.

You guys didn’t treat me; you guys gave me my life back. Something I gave up hope on. And by doing so you gave me a chance to spend my son’s life with him. Time with my parents again. And even a new relationship!

A mere thank you will never ever be good enough, but that’s what I am able to offer at the moment. So thank you, thank you for my life….