I came to Magalies Ibogaine Wellness Centre for heroin addiction.
The place is so peaceful and it feels good to be away from the city. I would recommend going for at least 6 days. I did not have any withdrawals the first two days. The third day I felt low, but that is my body recovering from the hard drug.

The people is so dear and helpful, good therapy and help from Anso. Helping with alternatives to stay away from hard drugs. Ibogaine really works, as soon as the withdrawals come I take another Ibogaine. Yes, you will still feel loss of energy but that is normal, at least I didn’t get bad iron taste in mouth, and Ibogaine treated the muscle aches.

I would strongly recommend Magalies Wellness Centre. Especially for heroin addiction. Just the amazing scenery, animals, healthy food and friendly staff makes it even better than other rehabs!
It’s a down to earth, relaxed and no-judgment environment. I loved it there and can’t wait to visit again!