If anyone is considering undertaking this journey because they are struggling with depression, anxiety or PTSD, then I would say: just do it! It honestly has been the best-spent money of my life. You will still have to do the work, before and after, but ibogaine will be a massive help.

It is not easy to find information about the effects of ibogaine on anxiety and depression and when you’re in that state you obviously are fearful of anything that potentially can make it worse. But I can say from my own experience that this ibogaine journey is the best thing that ever happened to me! My anxiety is just a memory of the past, and I feel so much more empowered, confident and especially feeling the ability to fully enjoy life again is simply amazing.

In the past, I was battling a lot with depression, but this changed in March into a very intense and debilitating feelings of anxiety and these feelings were so intense that at times I almost felt as if I was about to go insane. And then that thought would scare me even more (because that would mean I would not be able to look after my kids) and sent me down a downwards spiral. And although I was busy resolving lots of things from the past with 2 very good therapists who amongst other used regressions as a technique to clear things up, I would feel a little better for like 3 days and then feel like I was back into the feelings of extreme anxiety. There was something that in spite of all their and my efforts we could not clear completely. I felt that they were helping me very well, but yet more help was needed in conjunction.

I heard about Magalies Wellness Centre in March already and my intuition was telling me: “just go, this is the right place” but when the anxiety came, I wasn’t so sure that doing a psychedelic medicine was going to be safe and I was really afraid it would make my anxiety (and the confusion) I was experiencing worse. But, o boy!, was I wrong!  One day I spoke to a friend about doing this treatment and how I think his centre really combines all the aspects of therapy really beautifully and safely. She then decided to go for herself and when she came back the first thing she said is:” You have to go!”. And that was the last push I needed to finally sign up and book a date.

When you speak to Marte the owner of the centre you just know that this is someone who does this work out of passion and compassion. She will answer any question you have in depth and really takes time for the client. The moment I walked into the Magalies Wellness Centre I could feel: “I’ve come to the right place. “The lodge you stay at is beautiful and very peaceful. All the staff members are very welcoming and do anything they can to make you feel at home and accepted just as you are. The staff really do an amazing job and are available when you need them. You always feel very well looked after. They only take 3 clients at a time so they have lots of time for you. They also offer check up support for after your journey.

The journey itself is very different for different people but for me, although I was confronted with severe trauma in the beginning, it was also extremely beautiful and very serene towards the end. The whole experience was the opposite of scary for me and that was a huge relief. I realize this is something you should do when you’re ready for it, when you’re ready to face your unresolved trauma, but if you are, then this can be something that can really propel you forward into a beautiful, improved version of yourself.

Anonymous 42 year old female