I first heard about Ibogaine 3 years ago, and like most people, I was pretty terrified about trying a somewhat unknown plant medicine over regular rehab.Truthfully, I had been caught in cocaine addiction for about 15 years. After covid happened,  things just got increasingly worse and that coupled with a very stressful job which had me stress eating, drinking, smoking 20 cigs a day and then using cocaine, was a recipe for disaster.

After the year I had, and after seeing the success of one family member with regular rehab and then the relapse of another friend with regular rehab, I decided to choose Ibogaine as a treatment route for myself at Magalies Wellness Centre.

It’s been 3 weeks since my treatment and I have to say it is the best and greatest gift or investment I have ever given myself. I feel like a new human being, completely reset back to zero. I have no pangs for any of my past addictions and every single day, I am finding new ways to live my life. It genuinely is a beautiful thing.

I found the Ibogaine to be one of the most powerful and positively definitive experiences of my life.

The team at Magalies Wellness Centre are incredible and very much part of the amazing week-long experience and I will be eternally grateful to each of them. The constellation of star-studded soul workers are led by the inimitable Martie Underwood –  I now imagine them to all be superheroes in their own way.

For anyone struggling with addiction, or trauma please take the leap.
I finally feel like the version of myself I have dreamt of being for so many years and most importantly I feel free from my past. All the reasons I was using addiction to deal with life have become a story from an old life. A story that has no sway over my current self and I’m now free to fix damaged relationships, and forge new ones, especially with myself.

It is the most freeing feeling I have had in many decades. Do the work. Go deep and face yourself. It is so worth it and you will never regret this decision.